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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 30, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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no damage, no major damage. too many people can't say the same thin that's my "2 cents more." that's it for tonight. thanks for joining us. we will see you back here tomorrow night. the. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. you're looking at video of the devastation caused by hurricane sandy. much of that devastation centered on new jersey where the powerful storm came ashore. a storm almost 900 miles wide, growing rest were from the atlantic at 30 miles-per-hour last night. hurricane sandy was a monster storm, one that has killed at least 39 people in this country after killing nearly 70 people in the caribbean since last friday. hundreds of thousands of people evacuated as the storm advanced in its wake billions of dollars
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in damage, more than 8 million people tonight without power. the hurricane slammed into the northeast with winds upwards of 90 miles-per-hour and a record-breaking 14-foot east coast storm surge, tearing up coastal communities up and down the eastern seaboard. say making her landfall in southern new jersey and, as you can see, the resort-laden jersey shore beach communities were among the hardest hit. you're looking at the most recent overhead iages, punishing winds and massive flooding turning the casino town into a raging river. governor chris christie calling the damage simply unthinkable. even before it made landfall the storm did not spare states further south. residents of maryland, delaware, washington d.c., in northern virginia among the millions of people up te coast all the way to maine without power.
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the superstore slamming into new york city, flooding in some ways and tunnels with record -- a record surge of seawater that breached the city's downtown electrical system, including that supporting wall street. the new york stock exchange and the markets closed for a second straight day with much of the city still paralyzed at this moment. the eastern seaboard literally littered with homes watched from their foundations, streets filled to the rooftops with cars filled with water. in one case, a blazing inferno in queens, new york, a blaze that destroyed more than 80 homes in one ommunity. fema officials say, sandy is not anywhere near being over either end as of right now this storm is moving inland, and dumping more than foot of snow in west virginia, tod at 3 feet predicted some regions. what is left of hurricanes and the remains powerful, and tonight it threatens the
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midwest. officials in chicago warning people to keep their distance from lake michigan where high nds are expected to create waves reaching as much as 24 feet in height. meteorologist calling sandy a once-in-a-lifeti storm with some experts predicting a $20 billion in damages as the now more than 20 states have been hit by the super store. tonight we will be bringing you up today, of course, the presidentialampaign which has come as you might expect, been thrown into disarray. both candid it's scrapping their event schedules and polling agencies such as gallops suspending their operations, at least in terms of the daily tracking. governor romney today focused on fund-raising for the victims of the deadly storm while president obama canceled his events through wednesday to monitor the aftermath in response to hurricane sandy from the white house. we have team coverage here tonight. rick leventhal on the devastated jersey shore.
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shannon green on the storm damage in virginia, and ed henry tonight from the white house on the storm's political impact and the campaigns that are, tonight, frozen in place. many east coast residents heard or read weather forecasts and there's speculation about hybrid storms of the hurricane and nor'easter, perhaps, a super storm, as sandy approached, and they were understandably skeptical of what often turns out to be exaggerated meteorological storm forecasts. tonight they and millions of others find themselves suffering through what has turned out to be the mass devastation, wreckage, and misery that had been forecast for the eastern seaboard. fox news correspondent rick leventhal has our report from point pleasant, new jersey. >> reporter: point pleasant beach is one of many seaside communities up and down the jersey shore that aw extensive damages from hurricane sandy as a plastic a shot. behind us, ocean avenue now
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covered in sand and debris, one of many communities not dealing with the aftermath of this powerful storm. >> the level of devastation at the jersey shore is unthinkable. >> reporter: new jersey is normally unflappable governor stunned by the extent of the devastation in his state. the familiar atlantic city boardwalk in shambles. entire neighborhoods washed over as search and rescue crews scoop up stranded residents by the boatload. and crews working around the clock to clear out debris fields that are 7- feet high in some places. >> i anticipated lt night given the nature of the wind and the rain it would be pretty bad. and did not expected to be that bad. added not expect to see homes, you know, off their foundations and in the middle of state highways. >> in new york wall street still shut down in the subway system remains under water today in the living the mitropoulos eerily quiet after a chaotic night. some of the city's worst damage was not from water, but from
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fire as flames engulfed at least 80 homes in queens. >> the fire. >> twenty-five civilians. there were inside, 25 people inside on the roof of the building. in the fire was burning. t fire was in the two-story building next door. was coming across the top of the roof. >> by david the breezy point neighborhood looked obliterated. up and don the eastern seaboard, the property damage is widespread, and millions of homes that were spare are not dealing with power outages. the storm, although weaker, is still on the move, knocking down power lines almost faster than cars can get them back at. lake michigan today sought 20-foot swells, and the national weather service is warning the storm could produce heavy snow as it its arctic air and its way west. parts of north carolina and western virginia are already blanketed under several inches of snow. >> never used to it. this is almost like from fall to immediate when overnight which
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the county is using front-end loaders to clear the standoff over the -- ocean avenue to make a path foremergency vehicles. there is still a lot of work left to be done. in point pleasant beach, new jersey, rick leventhal, fox news lou: thank you. the nation's capital also hit hard with the rapid sandy. shannon lane joins us from alexandria, virginia where tens of thousands of people are still without power. >> just one example of what has to be cleaned up. check out this house behind me. talked to the honor. this was his boyhood home. a tree that has been around since the civil war fell from his neighbor's yard on to his home. he and his family were in the lower portion of the house. they had just finished dinner. there were clearing of the plates and cleaning up when that tree came crashing through. you can see clear into the bedroom upstairs and into the attic. you can see things like personal storage, a suitcase, even close and a picture still hanging on
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the wall is just one example of what we have seen in this neighborhood block after block with similar problems, major trees down. it's going to mean a lot of work. it alreadyeen out here working on this project, trying to clear away the biggest parts because the power crews need to get in here as well. has been called today, and a lot of folks are without power as they wait. just north of here in maryland, trees down all over houses and homes. business is there as well. one of those cases was a fatality, a man who was trapped and ultimately killed in his home after a tree fell on to it. still a lot of danger. a lot of damage from that to reach a storm that came up to relieve this year. so a lot of the debris in trees -nd things that were weakened, if it were not taken down, they were basically on the edge ready to go this time around. flooding will also be a big issue here, as it is further into the northeast. we are told by the national weather service that this will rape probably in the top five floods of all time for the potomac river which, of course,
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runs through maryland and down through d.c. and all-around the landmaaks that you think of when you think of downtown d.c. those waters are expected to continue to be a problem of throughout the week. that means these crews are out trying to repair trees and homes. power lines as well. it will have to deal with floods and rising waters as that continues. at last check in the metropolitan area there were more than 340,000 customers without power all around us today, primarily we have heard are sirens from a basically chain saws and generators, and thats going to continue for several days as people try to put things back together. this family rescued by neighbors have been able to stay with neighbors, and so many of them have come over to check. the brunt of the best in this neighborhood. all four members of the family where this tree came crashing through our fine, said tonight. we wish the same for all the folks who were in similar situations and trying to work on the cleanup tonight. lou: and as you say, the record
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levels of flooding, storm surges, tidal surges, the sounds of chain saws and people working. it speaks to the devastation, the destruction, the loss of lives in many instances, and for them we extend our heartfelt condolences. those are also the sounds of resilience and people building back from the very outside. thank you very much. >> you got it. >> thank you. lou: meanwhile, hurricane sandy disrupting the campaigns of president obama and governor romney seven days until election day. the president distracted dealing with a nationa emergency. governor romney distracted trying to find the appropriate balance of campaigning in the midst of national catastrophe. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> this is a tough time for a lot of people. >> after cancelling to more campaign events president obama headed to the red cross to continue the role of heeler in chief. >> there is no excuse for
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inaction at this point. i won every agency to lean forward and to make sure that we are getting the resources where they need to know where they are needed as quickly as possible. >> looking presidential in the final week of a tight campaign in a rol that won -- one rare praise from governor chris christie who gave the keynote address at the republican national convention. >> she has been very attentive. anything that i have asked for his gun. i think the president publicly r that. he has done as far as i'm concerned, great job for new jersey. >> of the president appears above the fray during the crisis , the fact is he is still using to top surrogates, vice-president biden and former president bill clinton to campaign full speed ahead. >> hello, youngstown. >> after they stick together in ohio monday, biden has to solo rallies tomorrow in battleground florida. today he tried to drum up hispanic turnout by telling the univision talk-show host he and the president have been breaking karnak trying to get a real immigration law even though the
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president failed to follow thugh on a promise to pass immigration reform by the end of his first year in office. clinton was in minnesota, as did democrats were supposed t have locked up long ago, but it has suddenly become a battleground. he tried to use a superstar to republican mitt romney. >> he riiculed the president, ridicud the president for his efforts to fight global warming and economically beneficial ways. he said, oh, you're going to turn back the seas. and in my part of america we would like it if someone could have done that yesterday. >> the obama campus all so suddenly spending $650,000 in pennsylvania, a democratic stronghold with a whopping 20 like talbots. while the run the camp claims it is using up the charity and revealed as is also going on the air. the obama camp, with deputy campaign manager stephanie kutcher taking a timeout from the bipartisan come by not to tweet, run the decision to go up
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proof positive they can't make current math work to get to teeseven beat him up throwing a lifeline to pennsylvania, minn. desperate. the obamacare response that with team romney now spending money in north carolina, that battle ground may not be locked down as much as the gop had hoped. they may also get word tonight that michigan is about to get a defensive and paste from the president. a state he thought he had lock down. we will find that who is expanding the map and give his blessing one week from tonight. lou: thank you. our chief white house correspondent. the campaigns may be at a standstill, but the candidates now have i great deal of work to do. well, much more on the political campaign, hurricane sandy's impact on the selection. it will be talking with the "a-team" and the role of the clintons in this campaign. bill clinton showing up almost everywhere. the administration's less than transparent you of benghazi.
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best-selling author ann klein. extensive damage through the eastern seaboard, the cost to rebuild a staggering as well. liz macdonald with our report. record-breaking sandy stranding the residence of the country's largest city, forcing the closure of subways, buses, bridges, tunnels. how long before normal becomes normal. former new york governor george pataki joins us next. pataki joins us next. ely. but because of business people like you, things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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♪ lou: new york city, the country's largest city in assessing the massive damage from hurricane sandy. we will be joined by former new york governor george pataki to get his perspective on what will be required to get this city, the state, this region back in order and to recover from all the devastation. that is coming right up. and good news o report.
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home prices up. about a 2% gain in prices year-over-year is the biggest jump in two yers, and good news, setting the stage for the financial markets which reopen tomorrow after bein closed for the first two days of this week because of hurricanes in the. this, the first time markets had been closed for two consecutive trading days for whether event since march 12th and 13th in 1888 when a blizzard pu a stop trading. the markets, when they ropen, will be focusing in part on energy prices, particularly gasoline prices because eight of the country's refineries producing about 8 percent of our daily supply in gasoline where in the path of sandy. about six of those refineries which haveeen operating a reduced capacity and are ramping up production leaving to refineries, bulk of them in new
10:19 pm
jersey. they have simply lost power and plotted and will be back quickly it is uncertain when they're will be returning to of storage products and production. recovery efforts under way tonight after the superstar and crippled the east coast. in new york city, subways and tunnels flooded. hundreds of thousands are without power, and joining us tonight on the phone, the former governor of new york, george pataki. good to have you with this. you have seen much of the devastation. can you compare this to anything that we have seen before? >> you know, it's really differ from what we've seen before. we have had terrible storms. hurricanes, blizzards we had the attacks of september 11th, but this, it wasn't the wind, it wasn't the rain. it was really the storm surge that has created such havoc with the flooding. and i think in a sense from the standpoint of the subways, from the standpoint of power, it's
10:20 pm
going to be very difficult in the short term to get things back to normal. this is a tough situation, and i fear it's going to continue the way for a few days to come. lou: to you have any sense of how long it's going to take to restore, at east basic services, like power to new jersey transit to get the subways up enrolling? well, i think we lost the governor, as you can tell. he was on the cellphone. are going to say -- will give you our apologies and the governor for the technological failure. by the way, the cell phone service, as you have just witnessed, is still pretty much a problem in this region in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. i do want to mention one way you can help is by donating to the
10:21 pm
red cross. you can go online. or call 1-800-red-cross. 1-800-red-cross. even also text to make it to nomination. (909)999-0999 to make "chalk talk" dollar donation, and we will have those numbers and web addresses up on coming up next, the presidential election an afterthought as hurricane sandy dominates the headlines. but how much will that affect this race? we will take that up and a great deal more with the "a-team" and the damage from the storm, unprecedented. the total cost exceed that of katrina? liz macdonald joins us for a live report and also to assess what is likely in store for investors on wall street tomorrow as well. much more straight ahead. stay with us. ♪
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♪ lou: well, what was once hurricane sandy continues to weaken tonight as the system makes it strike across pennsylvania into southern canada, the worst of sandy's winds are over as the -- what is now called the super storm heads, but windy conditions will continue over the great lakes into tomorrow. forecasters saying the higher elevations of northern west virginia could also get as much as 8 inches of additional snow overnight. well, the trail of destruction, as we reported to you at the outset, leaving at least 39 people dead in this country. more than 8 million customers are without power on the east coast and the economic effects will not be known for some time.
10:26 pm
joining us now to assess the impact that this circuit will have on the economy, we are joined by fox news editor liz macdonald. let's start with just the straightforward. i mean, the markets closed for a couple of days. millions of people not able to get to work. i mean, this is going to have an extraordinary impact on the consumption economy as well. >> i think you're right. well we doing is compiling this. what were getting from economists to work a wall street shops and down in washington d.c., what strikes me is there has been a lot of comparisons to hurricane katrina. i would say that is not the comparison because we are talking about the most impact -- densely populated by the rebels judge of the united states where one-fifth of the u.s. economy is down -- generated, of death of the population lives in the theft of car sales, fifth of housing whereas the trend was narrowly focused. it was a tragic event. this is more like a hurricane that hit in 1938 that helped
10:27 pm
cars out and create that hamptons and east in the long end. certainly possibly this hurricane redefining the coast of new jersey in similar fashion , but over talking about is estimates of $50 billion in economic damages. i would say you can't get a ballpark number on ths. about 21 states commensurately d.c. affected. possiblities as the states affected. lou: nowhere near the loss of life as katrina, because people did respond. we have to give the national weather service and hurricane center, all of the neurologists up and down the seaboard great credit because they did alert people to the -- what was coming , unimaginable as it was. >> and it is still happening, so that's why it's really difficult to get, you know, good, decent tally or an estimate. j.p. morganchase and saying we could see the battered housing and construction industry getting a nice $36 billion boost
10:28 pm
due to rbuilding, but then you have to set yourself aware is that money going to come from? pulled away from retail sales because that money has to come from somewhere. retail sales, and as you brought up, consumer spending take it. as the good question to ask. lou: absolutely. and it's interesting. people talking about the refineries that have closed affecting comparatively a small amount of country's total refinery production. in the other thing, millions of people who are not traveling right now, they're not going to work, so there is that offset on demand. maybe a greater offset on demand that there in losses production. >> think you're absolutely right. when you think about it, katrina, when to turn it, the u.s. economy was creating 200,000 jobs a month. september 2005 when katrina hit 66,000 jobs a month. then up to 84,000 tons a month. and only until november did the economy really starts to
10:29 pm
basically pick up steam, over 308,000, so the question is will we see this quarter dipped into negative territory of basically a contraction to make the answers possible yes. already out there saying that sandy could cause industrial oduction test dip in october. and you could see in negative gdp growth. so that's an issue. lou: that would be a tremendous impact. and, of course, as you say, we will have wait and see. facts, we have tomorrow coming up. markets that have been closed for two whole days. investors pent-up, anxious to express their views with their money, what's going to happen. >> rough sledding, selling pressure and here's why. a lot of hedge funds and institutional investors like pension funds, their fiscal year-end is october. so what they will try to do s dump losers to get that tax write-offs which adds to the pressure on the opening tomorrow as getting teeseven skittish
10:30 pm
opening. so watch out. it could sort itself out by next week, tomorrow we are expecting volatility. lou: thank you. >> short. lou: we will cover the political impact can't take that up. the economic impact of all this with the "a-team". next. there may be just as after all for the family of border patrol agent bryan terry murdered by mexican drug cartel members using guns supplied in operation fast and furious. president obama has a fill-in on the campaign trail, his chief campaigner in substitution, well, guess it is? well, it all depends on what the meeting of is is. joining us with his reaction, best-selling author ann klein. also the latest on benghazi. with the election now week away, we take the question of whether hurricane sandy will affect the voting with the outcome with the
10:31 pm
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lou: superstore in sandy is devastating the east coast of new jersey, the hardest hit, the storm ripping through the state seaside resort town causing massing vote -- massive flooding, billions of dollars in damages throughout the region, including the nation's largest city, new york. president obama will be touring the damages in jersey tomorrow. he will be with governor chris christie, the president cancelling campaign events for tomorrow. has not stopped president clinton, however, from playing the role of surrogate, heading the campaign trail as effectively the campaigner in chief, stopping in minnesota today for the president. for more on the impact on this election, the politics of it all and more, we are joined by ed klein, author of the new york times best-seller, the amateur, all about the obama administration.
10:35 pm
good to see you. let's start with, first, the sound that we just shared with our audience. bill clinton not really performing up to bill clinton standards. he was mocking governor romney, talking about, well, i don't know about other fols, but in arkansas we would have liked president obama to have had the power to turn back the seas yesterday. i mean, it did not make a lick of sense. >> with obama himself, we have in this campaign, turned the tide back, he'll the planet, brought everybody together. it was he that made these averages comments. lou: as a candidate, as i recall. rummy mocked him in the republican national convention. there was nothing, you know, current about what he was being quoted as saying by president clinton. a contemporaneously. it was a silly, silly remark. >> it did not make any sense.
10:36 pm
a freer talking about sarcasm, who has been the most sarcastic in this whole campaign? it has been barack obama. i think he is taking a lesson from michele, his wife. super sarcastic about everything that romney does. lou: let me just say, ridiculing the president, i love the way he gets that. ridicule. the audacity to ridicule this president, to second-guess the president, to actually ask a question, there was no one in the national media, the liberal national media asking questions, and it was astonishing this past sunday to seek. four out of five shows, chris wallace, bless his heart, standing tall as always. but the idea that they would push back, instead of bringing up benghazi, they pushed it away when it was brought up by their republican guests. >> the mainstream media has not spent hardly a word on benghazi. it has been no words at all on
10:37 pm
the fact we have a former president of the united states who for the first time in our history out there campaigning as a partisan pro-democrat spokesperson. this has never happened before. we have never seen this happen before. lou: and i want to say, think about what is being said here. we're talking about, folks, is that the national liberal media is not even taking note of what is at the -- an historic departure from convention from tradition, and a sense of propriety such as any exists stilin a presidential campaign >> think of george w. bush, and campaigning for mitt romney. it would be all over the place. what is this former president doing campaigning? lou: think about what difference in history is if eisenhower is campaigning for nixon in 1960. >> exactly, and we have seen that our former presidents,
10:38 pm
maybe with the exception of jimmy carter, who every once in awhile stick a needle into somebody's back, but basically even carter hasn't gone and the campaign trail in favor of aristocratic and it. lou: a lot of journalists trying to catch up with anne klein reporting on the machinations of clinton, the secretary and her legal team trying to match your reporting. her role, the president's -- the former president's role in taking responsibility for benghazi, then stepping back from it, leaving her in a heightened, elevated, if you will, memory, at least, those who follow politics, but taking effectively no responsibility. the president's stepping forward. what is going on here? >> and the president was asked today, i believe, about this benghazi think. he said, as i said to my out reached. you know, completely befuddled
10:39 pm
by what anybody would suggest this in a partisan, political way. well, at the very least they handled it in an amateurish to quake. they wer totally incompetent on the bin does it matter, and, perhaps, also, covered up as well. >> i wonder -- you know, i personally don't think there is anything amateurish about this other day, the fact that it is an amateurish cover-up. these are questions that the president of the united states irrespective of any investigation going on whether by the fbi or any other agency or department to answer himself. >> that's right. lou: who denied the security request for because it? to chose not to go in and save those americans who died on september 11th? ed klein, always great to see you. up next, the murder capital of the united states, chicago. it is reaching one notorious milestone after another under
10:40 pm
the lead of th mayor. coming up tomorrow we wll joined by former defense secretary donald rumsfeld, former reagan adviser. be with us. stay with us now. the latest on hurricane sandy, the path of destruction, and impact on this presidential campaign when we return. ♪ 4g lte is the fastest.
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♪ lou: a mexican citizen pled guilty to the murder of border patrol agent bryan terry, marking the first conviction in the nearly 2-year-old case linked to operation fast and furious. the 36-year-old man has been in custody since he was arrested that night have terry's shooting in december 2010, arrested by the border patrol as part of a plea agreement. he now faces up to life in prison, prosecutors will not seek the death penalty. four other men are charged in his death as well. one is now in custody.
10:44 pm
three others remain at large, suspected of being in mexico. chicago, th murder capital of this country has officially surpass last year's murder rate, and there are still two months remaining. so far four under and 36 people the been killed in chicago, that compares to 435 homicides recorded in all of last year. the chicago sun-times keeping a running tally on the shootings in homicides, and, as you can see, there are very few areas that had been speared the violence. a new poll shows 46 percent of california voters, 46 percent have considered leaving the state altogether. among the top three reasons given, 33 percent said california's high cost of living. 20 percent blamed the business climate. 14 percent said taxes. something to consider as californians get ready to vote on of $50 billion tax hike next week.
10:45 pm
the coast guard continues to search the atlantic ocean for the captain of the hms bounty, a replica of the 18th-century tall ship that sank during hurricane sandy of the north carolina coast yesterday. the coast guard able to rescue 14 of the 16 people aboard, remember it was unresponsive from the water was later declared dead. they're holding out hope that the ship's 63-year-old captain has survived the tragedy. up next, both candid it's scrapping their campaign schedules to concentrate on the hurricane sandy relief effort. the "a-team" will break down the political implications for both. we are joined by ed rollins, judy miller, doug shown. they are next. talk about a "a-team." i'm a conservative investor. i invest in what i know. i turned 65 last week. i'm getting married. planning a life. there are risks, sure. but, there's no reward without it.
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♪ lou: our "a-team" tonight, one of them is a pulitzer prize-winning journalist. good to have you here. let's start with you, if i may. what is the impact of this devastation from hurricane sandy ? >> from a political perspective it freezes the campaign for 34 days for the closing weekend. you can't do anymore national polls. they will work. gallup today said it wouldn't. rasmussen said he probably won't do anymore. so one or two differential in the polls for the next few days. my senses it kind of is the negative politics for a while. i think you pay a heay price if you're out there hammering away and your opponent. lou: turn out. >> i don't think it will have an impact on turnout. i think the bottom line is both
10:50 pm
campaigns have a mechanism that the resources to go after the voters that it all will vote early. lou: the outcome of the election >> a little bit more positive for obama and ed was. the reason is, the president has been on hand down a slide in the polls. what he has lacked is and the visuals in the mainstream media have been very good. his rhetoric has been more inclusive today. so it could help him. but it is right, we won't know until the weekend. lou: inclusive. i saw a giant bear hug. governor christie. and president obama,a, i mean, they are in a love fest here. what is that all about? >> two things. the president needs to get back to bipartisanship. with governor christine not
10:51 pm
selected for vice-president in add tight race, he needs democrats. lou: and so that is the deal. >> absolutely. i think it really, really helps obama. sandy must be a democrat, is all i can hink. you know, that call attention to the rule, just crucial role of the federal government, fema at this time. lou: what have they done? >> it's what they're going to do. what they're already doing. lou: let me ask you this. and i have heard this. governments are great, but all the responding agencies are either state or local. they are the ones to decide how much santa push off the streets of point pleasant. there the ones deciding how to take care of the people being evacuated. you see where i'm going? >> i see where you're going. lou: you tell me about this big pad -- >> since i did say a thing about obama, let me just say this.
10:52 pm
you have to be very careful. go into a community cannot take away first responders. it takes a lot of cop, a lot of fire service and ambulances that should be doing meaningful things. >> that is why there bloomberg said don't come. >> new jersey. lou: the heck with all that and decided to get the cubs in state patrol and the motorcade. >> to have governor romney who was asked in june what he thought about fema and basically said, let the states to then let the private sector do it, you know what, one of the 8 million without power tonight. lou: by the way, so my. >> he is going to turn on -- uni are going to depend on the federal government to get our lives eventually turned out. >> con ed. lou: just don't understan something. rundi into this thing. because the first responders, they're all local, allstate, and there aren't any federal --
10:53 pm
>> you what you just said from government to date. he did not hear what judy miller said. cover run the committee refused 14 times to answer questions about fema. you'd like to think a guy running for president and god knows that i have been on the front lines in campaigns would be able to have the response. what the states to do it, but they're is a role for the federal government. >> what you think? >> obviously a very important role. turn your electricity on. if your waiting for that. lou: the government. >> a buy you some candles and sundays and flashlights. the end of the day you have to be very careful. a very prcarious situation. all bunch of states beyond the east shore. you can't look political. lou: okay. restaurant where the races right now. this will be distressing to judy miller. obama is unning behind. it is by a narrow margin.
10:54 pm
a full point advantage among those most likely to vote. so where are we? what's happening? >> i think we're at a point where as you suggest seven national polls out. yesterday five or six of them had governor romney a point or two ahead. ohio, minnesota, wisconsin, michigan, tightening at. pennsylvania tightening up. lou: so is north carolina. >> a bottom line, this is a very tight rae. the real question is what if any will the impact of sandy beach? lou: and you already told us that. a democrat. we will find out of the responders a republican. >> out crucial role for the federal government. lou: i know. the federal government is crucial. i got that. i have that. this big old expensive government. let me tell you something. you're not going to ever sell that to me.
10:55 pm
i don't care how much power we don't have. >> but i may sell its two of you independence. lou: we are going to us see how this plays out. you will continue the convertion with these very same three people. up next, one viewers fears that hurricane center will provide cover for benghazi and the cover-up. the "a-team" has to dispense with the politics and now we will get to it. we're right back. ♪ seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling.
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lou: time for your comments, clair tweeted, saying obama hiding behind sandy. we're not letting it g please continue to bring it to light, lou. >> millie said, i'm sure that brave men who died in benghazi would want people to fight for their truth through any disaster. >> i agree with you. lou: jerry, said that obama administration ignored our people under attack. three broadcast networks are party to this by not covering the complete story. your show, lou dobbs covered everything from day one. we tried a


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